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Meet Per Axbom, UX-evangelist and speaker at #SSMX14


SSMX which is the acronym for Stockholm Social Media eXchange is aiming toward UX on this fourth and upcoming event on the 31st of januari and 1st of february. To tease you all I asked Per Axbom, Web Strategist & Experience Designer @ Axbom Innovation AB, some question about himself and his keynote.  [Read more…]

TIME released ”waste time calculator” for Facebook´s 10th anniversary


The 10th anniversary is coming up on the 4th of february for the social media giant Facebook. TIME magazine released a calculator for the time you spent on the platform. Follow this link and see how much time Facebook really kidnapped from you.

As you see from the above I spent 2449 out of 3647 on Facebook since its birth, which means early 2007. During this time I posted 15 167 updates during almost 29 days spent on Facebook. Im really happy to see only 29 days since two of my colleagues wasted 78 and 96 days which is really insane. 96 days is over 3 months! Put that in perspective. Thank you Mr Zuckerberg!

Maps and statistics over the world


During the last week an article, 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World, been circulating. Later a spinoff was made aiming only on Sweden in comparison to the world. Both of them puts the world and Sweden into new and different angles which makes them interesting Have a look! 

Key global statistics on social, digital & mobile from jan 2014


To start a bit philosophical we are getting more united by the day. At least when it comes to internet penetration and connectivity. Before the human race start acting and thinking as one with a sustainable view will probably take some time. Until then We Are Social in Singapore put together a great Slideshare with key statistics about social, digital and mobile globally.

[Read more…]

Get more social value with Facebook Wi-Fi

During my three weeks in the Philippines every little shack, restaurant, hotel and bar offered free Wifi. Not only are they incredibly social media savvy but they knew how to use the channels too. Thinking of them and many more similar establishments around the world I believe the new released Facebook Wi-fi will fit them like a hand in a glove to gain social value.  [Read more…]