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Internetdagarna 2013 starts with a movement feeling for the free web


 There is something I really like with Waterfront Congress Centre. I can´t put my finger on it, for sure it´s not the slow WiFi-connection. Probably its the sensation of what this building means for me. It was the entrance for my carrier with the web. From student to blogger to working in the business. Now I´m back here again and its for Internetdagarana 2013

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IDG:s Reality Check about Content Marketing equals mutual value


The big buzzword of the year regarding marketing is: Content Marketing. IDG:s event Reality Check in collaboration with Dataföreningen where all about that and nine speakers attacked the matter from different perspectives. Here´s three of them! 

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Stay tuned for our #kickstarter project Dead Stock Creations


VERY SOON me and som great friends are gonna launch a sustainable fashion-brand working with unused premium materials called DEAD STOCK CREATIONS! [Read more…]

What links are trending on Twitter and Facebook?


You like me probably don´t know a wizard or any one else for that matter that can tune into the matrix and feel whats trending. But there´s really no need. Have a look at RAD URLS, your cristal ball for trending links on Twitter and Facebook.  

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New Google Helpout targets the collective intelligence for help


Today Google released a new product called ”Helpouts” which goes in line with the worlds connectivity and collective intelligence thats being mirrored in many different startups and collaborative spaces today. [Read more…]

#DisruptBerlin: Wibki wants to disrupt our browser experience


#DisruptBerlin really sparked some new energy into my autumn tired being. Walking down the Startup Alley really made an positive impact on me as always. I love startups and new ideas. In this article I will present Wibki, an Israeli Startup that I met in Berlin that wanna change our browser experience.  [Read more…]