14 enlightening digital and social links in #MNW3


The MidWeekNickle is back, HOORAY! Happy resumption of the new year for you all and lets embrace all the new challenges as we slowly go into 2015. The smartphone came and revolutionised our lives moving from second to first screen. Digital and social media have matured and are now not only a hygiene factor for businesses and organisations but also their primarily outlet to communicate with public and their target groups.


You might even say it´s the golden age of digital communication and marketing. Now all agencies within this field don´t need to persuade clients to become more digital. Instead they/we all need a proper understanding of of the digital landscape with all it´s different channels and purposes. Trans-medial storytelling, lead generation and digital PR will all be of importance during 2015 along with much more. With that said let us see whats been recently going on in the digital world!


1 & 2. Twitter will soon change to a more algoritm driven channel with curated content for the end user. It will also show the best of what you missed during your absence for the channel with the add on ”while you were away”. Though Twitter is still lacking in engagement and have a relatively small share of the overall internet usage it keeps on fighting a hard battle for the users. The user base in Sweden hardly grew at all compared to the year before.

3. Now you can track analytics in your Twitter app. Just download the new version!

  1. Twitters timeline could get more algorithmic
  2. Twitter ”while you were away” feature recap
  3. Twitter Users Can Now Track Tweet Impressions, Engagement Numbers Right In The iOS App

#MWN2 tip of the week: Use Buzzsumo to see what topics are trending, shared and much more. Also awesome to get inspiration for your next blog entry no matter what subject!


1. Facebook is still buying loads of upcoming new tech businesses to empower themselves for the future. The most recent purchase was Wit.ai because of their voice recognition.

2. Facebook also developed a new festures for video on your Facebook page that slowly been released to the giants (like always) which includes playlists and featured videos. In a week or two we all have access to it.

3. If you love talking pictures and emojis your up for a treat in the Messenger App. Its a perfect marriage and now you can play and incorporate emoijt to the pictures you just taken.

4. Should you use interest segmentation on your page fanbase; according to Jon Loomer you shouldn´t. Read why in the link below.

5. In short; if your not pushing sales on Facebook the changes made on Edgerank will hardly affect your brand page.

  1. Facebook acquires speech recognition firm Wit.ai
  2. Facebook Challenges YouTube Channels With New Features For Pages
  3. Facebook brings stickers to photos with Stickered app
  4. Should You Use Interest Targeting of Your Organic Facebook Posts?
  5. Facebook algorithm changes: What they mean for brands

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Social media

1. Interesting read about social traction, verticals, influencer and more how to amplify your message.

  1.  Targeting Outreach and Influencers for Social Traction

”We are extrem optimist of the future of creativity”
Yancey Strickler CEO Kickstarter

Digital landscape

1. Kickstarter had its biggest year ever where 529 million dollars was pledged globally from 3.3 million people across 22 000 projects. 773000 of them pledged multiple projects.

2. CNN to thing a bit to serious in the 80:s. A intern found a video called ”Nearer my god to thee” that the planned to play when the end of the world came!

3. 2015 and wearables are matched as perfect as strawberries and ice-cream. Founder of Jawbone get into how internet and wearables will get more users during the year to come, what to expect and much more.

4. Scared of anyone seeing your browser history without deleting it all? Check out post 4!

5. Real-time translation and sign translation through two different Google apps. Follow the link to download them. I wish I had them in Mozambique during the holidays.

  1. Kickstarter just had its biggest year ever
  2. A former intern found a video CNN planned to play at the end of the world
  3. The internet of you
  4. How to Delete Specific Queries from Your Browsing History
  5. Google Translate gets real-time voice and sign translations on iOS and Android

Awesome talk #MWN3

We all have a relationship to John Cleese, at least if you grey haired like me! The man with the funny walks (whom actually hated that sketch and didn´t wanna do it) made an awesome talk about creativity back in the days that still inspires today! Thanks Navid Modiri for sharing this one in the first place!

John+Cleese,+Monty+Python+Icon,+on+How+to+Be+Creative-SD.mp4 from Amazing Teacher on Vimeo.

photo credit: zachstern via photopin cc