13 links for social and digital media to stay on top of the game #MidWeekNickle


With two friday the 13th in the last months the number of links was inevitable. This months edition; Twitter is on the move, Facebook might caused you a drop of likes on your page, inspiration and what makes a photo memorable! All this in the #MidWeekNickle 

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1 . Twitter has added a new feature, named ‘Partner audiences’, which allows advertisers to target any of 1,000 different audience categories, based on signs of intent outside of Twitter.

2. Twitter wants to make it easier for businesses to advertise and keep track of their performances (no wonder 😉 ), so Twitter recently launched a new analytic page.

3. The purchase of Periscope will be an very interesting marriage with Twitter. Will we see live streams of video soon on the blue bird platform?? #gamechanger

  1. Introducing partner audiences
  2. Twitter launches new analytics home page and promotion feature
  3. Twitter reportedly buys Periscope, a live streaming app

#MidWeekNickle tip: Get your inspiration flickring through Behance


1. This feature is something many have been waiting for. It will be a great pin-pointer of what subjects to create your communication around. Topic data can include the demographics of the people discussing a topic, the specific things they’re talking about within a given topic including brand names and products and much more.

2. If you experienced a drop in Facebook likes on your pages this might be the very reason why. To create a moremeaningful insight to the data Facebook a making some changes. Read more in the second link.

3. By statistics Facebook have proven that videos are going extremely well on the platform. To make it even easier to use ads in ads the made some changes.

4.  Facebook have in collaboration with Forefront made a built in suicide prevention tool to hopefully pick up underlined meaning in post sentences.

  1. Facebook to Start Telling Brands Who’s Talking About What Topics
  2. Facebook Announces Changes to How It Counts Your Page Likes | Social Media Today
  3. Facebook to make ‘complicated’ ad buying easier to fuel personalised videos
  4. Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Tool: The Risks of Missing the Point

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Social media

1. Some great tips on what NOT to do in social media. It´s easy to be pushed by the Sales and Marketing Director to always sell but thats not a great way to build a community if your not a low price discount store (and not many are) where thats the main reason why people follow you.

2. A substantial list of  content inspiration for you all baptised to impersonate a pop cultural thing.

3. Facebook has the potential to be a great source of web traffic for your business that can increase brand awareness and generate leads. If you have the extra change in your pocket, start investing $10 per week onto this social channel; otherwise, nobody will see your masterpiece!

4. Twitter made hashtags popular and now Facebook and other social media sites have greatly added to their popularity. Knowing why and how to use hashtags in social media posts is still a mystery for some.

  1. Are You Committing these Social Media No-Nos?
  2. 50 Shades of Content
  3. 10 Reasons Why You Should Spend $10 Per Week on Facebook Advertising
  4. Best Practices: Why and How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

 keep it real behance midweeknickle

Digital landscape

1. Having a great balance in life have plenty of meanings. This is a cool design on a not so new invention to give more physical balance.

2. Got accused on Twitter for spreding ISIS propaganda by sharing this link below which is remarkably stupid. It´s an interesting read from a communicative perspective that actually our swedish parties should learn from.

1. The Level: A deck designed to set you in motion
2. Study finds ISIS supporters may be operating 46,000 Twitter accounts | The Verge

Soundcloud instead of a talk

Instead of embedding a talk in the #MidWeekNickle here´s a track what makes a photography memorable based on a survey. It´s only just under 7 minutes but interesting.

photo credit: read me a story via photopin (license)