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1 . Twitter has added a translation service, powered by Bing. Users can now click on a globe icon, which appears in tweets in a foreign language, to have the tweet translated. The new version will appear just below the original text.

2. Twitter has launched a beta version of its Promoted Video ads, which will charge advertisers only when a user hits play. The network claims its intention is to create a richer video experience for users, but it must also have revenue generation in mind. Here’s what the ads look like on mobile.

3. I find this one pretty ridiculous and it´s not really new but Twitter has added two new mobile features that it hopes will facilitate conversation between celebrities.

4. Indian bank, ICICI, has launched a ‘tweet to pay’ function. Users simply need to follow @icicibank and send a DM containing the recipient’s username and amount to be transferred. The recipient doesn’t need to be an ICICI customer, either. On a completely unrelated note, my Twitter handle is @nickmulligan.

  1. Twitter adds translation tool powered by Bing
  2. Twitter launches Promoted Video ads in beta, only charging advertisers when a user hits play
  3. Twitter Urges Celebrities To Tweet at Each Other
  4. Indian bank allows payments via Twitter

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1. Facebook released a product they been talking some time about. With Facebook At Work businesses now can create a social intra web for employees only.Facebook At Work is now available for download on iOS, as well as on desk top. For smaller firms and companies I see little use of this, better to use hidden groups than having an extra app in your phone.

2. Very american head line but good inspiration for your new Facebook Page.

  1. Facebook Unveils Facebook At Work, Lets Businesses Create Their Own Social Networks
  2. The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen

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Social media

1. Picstats is a well designed and free Instagram analytic tool. Use it to see how well you compete towards friends as well as against competition. A tool I will use frequently.

2. Interesting statistics shows that positive pays it forward regarding comments, likes and shares. Wanna get viral? Send a positive message into cyber space!

3. Snapchat added a discovery mode inside the app. Now, starring Sasha Speilberg, Snapchat recently started their first mini serial. ”Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, daughters of Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn respectively, will write and star in the series. The duo will play fictionalized versions of themselves, and the plot will revolve around their lives in Los Angeles.”

4. Millenials, Generation Z, youngsters, hipsters, call them what you what but some brands depends on them. 80% of the generation Z are on social media. Here´s a infographic of how to market to the new generation!

  1. Introducing PicStats.com: An Instagram Analytics Tool
  2. Key to Social Success? Don’t Worry, Be Happy
  3. Snapchat to premiere original series starring Sasha Spielberg
  4. Beyond Facebook – Marketing To A New Generation – #infographic


Digital landscape

1. Coca Cola launched a happiness campaign on Twitter that was designed to replace negative tweets with positive imagery creating social object with dancing bananas och drumming kittens.

2. Statistics are great for many reasons. Either you just a number cruncher pervert, or you wanna push sales through different platforms and rely on where the crowd is, but also think longterm in trends and where and how to communicate.

3. If your running some kind of health or fitness center this is a post for you to read and follow the ones to come. Inspirational for how to market yourself!

  1. Coca-Cola scraps #MakeItHappy Twitter promo following Gawker hijack
  2. Fascinating #SocialMedia Stats 2015: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+

Awesome talk about curiosity #MWN

Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam gives 3 rules to spark imagination and learning, and get students excited about how the world works. It´s short and sweet!

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