You don’t fulfil a dream by yourself

Most mornings for the last two years I write in my blue book dedicated to saying thanks to ten things, after reading the andersfogh blog I decided to also put it online. So everyday I bow my head down och put my right hand on my heart and say thanks three times to each thing I written as I whisper it silent to myself. Some of them are generic and I write them every time because I think they are that important. The second thing I always write is; ”I’m so grateful for all the help and service I will receive during the day from people I meet”.

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5 simple tips to juice up your Facebook page

Even if you been an admin for a Facebook Page for a long while, or if you just started one, here is some convenient tips that helps your reach and engagement goals for your Page. What ever you do; you don't want to have your Page punished and … [Continue reading]

Facebook starts showing all ads made by a Page

Soon all Facebook Pages will get an 'Info & Ads' section listing with all ads made by a Page across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook's partner networks. Facebook are taking steps to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on … [Continue reading]

One year with cancer today; thank you!

Today I celebrate one year with cancer! ✨ Being in the very end of it and with the next screening I will be ”cancer free” I can now assure that it was the best thing ever happened to me. I will be struggling for the year to come to regain … [Continue reading]

Web Summit conquers Lisbon with techies

To start with I’m truly overwhelmed with how big the entire venue is for the city, the people in it and for the country itself. It’s like Web Summit have the same vision as Coca Cola that you should never be more than 10 minutes away from a coke; … [Continue reading]

Fresenius Kabi mocks cancer sick models with dirt low pay

As a youngster I done some modelling for different brands like Heineken, SF, Telia and so on. I remember the up- and downside of the pay check from the different gigs. When you were the center of attention the check was high and on one or two gigs … [Continue reading]

Cancer, chemo & communication

(Tuesday 14th of March 08.28. First entry.) It's so strange as it is fascinating. I can really tell that the human body is a marvellous combination of chemical reactions, symbiosis and team play. Of course personality, mind set and the wiring of … [Continue reading]

Old Spice; dream, run and get what you run (draw)

What trends are really growing now? The empowerment of yourself a.k.a dreaming and the never ending expansions of different runs all over the world as well as here in Sweden are two trend to tap into. Old Spice smartly tapped into these pop … [Continue reading]

6 principles of persuasion for sales and marketeers

The power of persuasion have been under the loupe through out history of man. The last 60 years it been more sciencetifically researched. Persuasion expert Robert Cialdini illustrates his famous Six Principles while he narrates in this 12 min long … [Continue reading]

Gaming will engage 5.1 million Swedes 2020

Dreamhacks, professional gamers, fashion wear, grand prizes and getting gamer star status are just few things that are exploding globally. During 2020 the revenue around gaming will more the double as well exceed more than 5.1 million active Swedish … [Continue reading]